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Outdoor Brochure Holders

Our Outdoor Brochure Holders come in a variety of styles and sizes. Known as weatherproof brochure holders, and outdoor literature dispensers, they are produced in the USA at industry low pricing.
4 pocket.jpg OUTLIT449- Outdoor Weather Resistant 4 Pocket Brochure Holder for 4" wide materials SKU: OUTLIT449 Price: $39.53
4 1/8" wide x 10" high x 2" deep 4 pocket outdoor weather resistant brochure holder No Handling Fee for Small Orders. This unit is all clear material with 4 1/2" wide pockets. Call for pricing on 25+ units.
OUTLIT49- Outdoor Weather Resistant brochure holder for up to 4 1/4" wide x 10" high brochures SKU: OUTLIT49 Price: $9.99
4 1/4" wide x 10" high x 2" deep outdoor weathertight brochure holder for wall or pole mounting No Handling Fee for Small Orders. This unit has a clear front produced from high impact acrylic and a injection molded spring top and backfor long life, extremely strong unit! This is is much stronger then thin plastic versions. Call for quantities of 25+ units, custom sizes are available, please call!
OUTLIT811- Outdoor Weathertight Brochure Holder for up to 9" wide x 11 3/4" high brochures SKU: OUTLIT811 Price: $13.99
9" wide x 11 3/4" high x 2" deep outdoor weathertight brochure holder for wall or pole mounting. No Handling Fee for Small Orders. This unit has a clear front produced from high impact acrylic and a injection molded spring top and backfor long life, extremely strong unit! This is is much stronger then thin plastic versions.. Call for quantities of 25+ units, custom sizes are available, please call!
OUTPOLE- Freestanding Pole for OUTLIT49 & OUTLIT811, 47" long SKU: OUTPOLE Price: $15.33
White Pole Set for OUTLIT49 & OUTLIT811 (sold separately) to allow pockets to be freestanding. White PVC material for long Life. BEST SELLER!!! No Handling Fee for Small Orders. 47" Long Pole, Much High then our competitors so brochure holder is 36" to 39" high once pole is inserted into ground. PRICE FOR 5+ UNITS TO ONE LOCATION IS $8.00 EACH PLUS SHIPPING.
Outdoor Literature Holders & Exterior Wall Boxes for Brochures Outdoor Brochure Holder These outdoor brochure holders, sometimes called exterior literature boxes, are designed to withstand the elements. When businesses need to advertise after hours, the flyer displays provide the perfect solution. Each wall outdoor brochure holder includes a lid on the top that prevents moisture from damaging the printed materials inside. This way, real estate agencies, banks, and other local companies are able to get the word out without worrying about inclement weather. The literature boxes come in several different styles, including models that fit a single stack of brochures, multiple stacks, business cards, and even catalogs or magazines. Why choose these outdoor brochure holders for exterior use over other flyer pockets? Our literature boxes combine functionality and affordability, which provides every business with an exterior advertising solution that doesn't break the bank. Browse multi-pocket and single pocket configurations. How are these outside literature boxes able to withstand the weather? Waterproof brochure holders generally feature an over sized lid that hangs over the rest of the body. This way, literature is kept safely inside, protected from wet weather. As the rain comes down, the droplets roll right off the lid and onto the ground. Many of our outdoor literature boxes feature an enclosed design. This keeps out dust and dirt that can damage your flyers and pamphlets. Weatherproof brochure holders with spring-loaded lids help to create a seal to better protect your literature. Another great feature of the outdoor pamphlet holders is that many are wall mount. Because of the hanging configuration, the literature boxes are commonly positioned along an exterior wall where there is usually some kind of overhang or awning. Customers don't want to stand in the rain while checking out your pamphlets, flyers, and company catalogs, so why make them? Just mount the pockets in a place that provides cover in the event of inclement weather to keep them dry. Some of the outdoor brochure displays are made with special paneling that blocks out harmful sun rays. Frosted acrylic and plastic materials help ensure that the sun does not fade tri-fold leaflets, pamphlets, magazines, and catalogs. Rain is but one facet of outside weather, so make sure your printed publications are protected from the sun, too. Exterior Literature Boxes Businesses shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising and merchandising. Pamphlets, flyers, and product catalogs are some of the most common printed reading materials used to promote companies. Why not take the necessary precautions to ensure that your priceless information is not destroyed by the elements outside? Don't fall short when it comes marketing your business after hours. These outdoor brochure boxes and literature holders can still help to get the message out any time of day. There are too many missed opportunities with professional advertising, so use these practical exterior leaflet dispensers to get the most out of your advertisements. Real estate agencies, car dealerships, and financial institutions are excellent applications for the clear or black holders. The weather resistant displays are built for the outdoors and protect publications against rain and sunshine, yet are perfect for keeping materials accessible at all times. Check out our other pamphlet holders in our online catalog. With an outdoor brochure display, you can make sure tri-fold and other literature is at the fingertips of your clients no matter what time of day it is. Start growing your business today! Get the right outside business card holder, flyer box, or magazine holder online now. These systems are made of the highest quality materials and will withstand the elements for a long time to come. Outdoor literature displays are a key advertising tool for realtors. Real estate flyer boxes are perfect for agents looking to give prospective home buyers more information. These brochure holders can be placed outside a home near a for sale sign all day and night so realtors won’t miss a potential chance to close on a property. Does after hours advertising really work? Absolutely! These literature display boxes for outside use are extremely effective for generating interest in a company. And the best part is that they are low maintenance. Simply refill the dispenser once it is empty and that's it! You won't have to worry about the weather damaging your valuable printed materials and your client base will always be growing! Outside Brochure Box Real estate agencies, banks, and community centers are just some of the many great applications for these literature dispensers. Really any location that has helpful information they would like to distribute at all hours can benefit from the practical tri-fold boxes. If promoting your business is a priority we have thousands of product displays to help you. Our visual merchandising and display fixtures are bound to brighten up any company's advertising campaign. Our product line covers everything from lecterns & pulpits to contest boxes & wire merchandising racks. To see our full product line and start furnishing your commercial establishment or trade show booth, visit the full list of display categories. Our display products are stocked and ready for immediate shipment! Look through all the different lines for the best in advertising and merchandising tools. We have been in business for nearly 30 years, so customers can rest assured that we have the items they need.