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About Us

We are a point-of-purchase displays manufacturer with over 20 years experience fabricating countertop, wall mount and floorstanding displays in acrylic (plastic, plexiglass), wood, laminates, corrugated and many other materials. Our company was founded by long time display industry professionals who were looking to create a more Customer First Approach. This unique group has the ability to provide you with world class quality displays at a lower price. Simply put, when you compare one of our stock or custom displays to any of our competitors you will be impressed with the quality, creativeness and functionality of our products. To control quality control ALL OF OUR production workers have a minimum of 5 years experience in fabricating displays. We strive to suit your needs. Over the years our stock and custom displays have been used in ALL the major RETAIL STORES, JC Penny, Walmart, Albertsons, CVS, Kohls, Target, just to name a few. WE ARE DEDICATED TO BEING YOUR LOW COST PROVIDER OF HIGH QUALITY FUNCTIONAL DISPLAYS.
We are a family owned company where you deal directly with our owners. We are based in Warren, RI, USA and manufacture all of our products here. We have been selling online since 2002. We don't have 20 websites to try and sell you displays, we have 1. Our family has strong New England roots and does a lot of youth and charity work, civic duties and many others. We are the only RI Family owned Stock and Custom Display Company.
Our expertise is the design and development of smaller Acrylic, Metal and Wood display projects that other larger Display Manufacturers will not. We feel that smaller projects lead to long time customers and larger projects over time. We have proven this customer first approach with CVS Stores, Dunkin Donuts, American Express, Chick-A-Fil, to name a few and there are many many more. Call us for a quote on your next Stock or Custom Display Project.